BONICO AG is company established in 1994 in Switzerland and all this years is active in the Energy sector. Main activities of the company are in Medium and High Voltage Technique. We are acting as consulting, marketing and as Trading Company.

BONICO AG in many projects is acting with other companies or consultants, depending of the projects and from project to project there will be a team organised to be successful.

We are a group of Consultants that are spread in many countries in East Europe, Middle East and in Africa. The projects in Energy Sector are with very long duration and are causing very big costs. Our strengths are that we are locally very good placed, with very good knowledge about local mentality in all countries that we are acting and we are covering a lot of segments in the branch with our knowledge.

Our Location


Andonovski Boro
Moosstrasse 5, 8134 Adliswil
Phone: 00 41 43 3779384
Fax: 00 41 43 3779485
Handy: 00 41 76 3456465
E-mail address

Reference List
Here is a part of deliveries and projects that we were working in the past years:

Many deliveries of spare parts for GIS and Circuit Breakers
Many deliveries of Circuit Breakers
Many deliveries of Disconnectors
Many deliveries of Surge arresters
Many deliveries of Current and Voltage Transformers
Many deliveries of Insulators for lines, Substations and Power Transformers
Many deliveries of Fittings for lines, Substations and for Insulators
Many deliveries of Substations
Many deliveries of Oil Pumps and on-line Monitoring for power transformers
Many projects for Substations
Many projects for Wind parks
Many projects for Transmission lines
Many projects for Maintenance
Many projects for mounting
This references are made with: ABB, Alstom, Siemens, Seves, Ceralep, Elster, PPCI, Gorny, GMC, Tridelta, Pfiffner, Arteche, Solvay, Tyco Electronics, Sefag, Ritz, Sediver, Sicamex, Dalekovod, Mosdorfer, Aikon, Dervaux, Koncar, Areva, Minel, Novi Zivot, Alce, Von Rohr, GEA, Energoinvest and many other.